The Singing Academy Wellington

The Singing Academy provides singing lessons that are fun, modern and cover the internationally renowned technique exercises.
We specialise in all levels, whether beginner to advanced. Any age group, its never too late to learn!

One of the reasons our pupils love our singing lessons so much is that they get to choose the songs to sing.
Combined with the exercises, we find the pupils go from strength to strength

One on One Lessons

Our one on one singing lessons are mobile, so that means one of our fantastic singing tutors will come to your home. These lessons are usually 30 minutes on length depending on the requirements of the student

Group Singing Lessons

Our group singing lesson are held at the Miramar Community Centre, 27 Chelsea Street. These lessons are 30 to 40 minutes long depending on the age group

Singing lessons
Concerts and Recording

Singing Concerts are held regularly throughout the year. This is a great chance for the kids to showcase their talents to family and friends.

We have our own recording studio which gives students the unique opportunity to record their songs

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